The exposition of African trophies
Permanent exhibition

"The pursuit of the beast, for whom you long ago and longed to hunt, good, when you have a lot of time and every evening after the competition in cunning and dexterity come back though with nothing, but in a pleasant excitement, knowing that this is only the beginning of that luck will smile to you, and the desired goal will be achieved."

Ernest Hemingway
"Green Hills of Africa"

Hunting of wild animals is the oldest kind of professions of mankind and multifaceted phenomenon of our culture. From ancient times, hunting was difficult, but fascinating affair. The main purpose of hunting was the production of food. Hunting trophies as a reward skins became to a successful hunter. Severe life, off-road and more than modest living conditions of the ordinary hunter were main difficulties for get other trophies. Now hunter not only interested in result he likes to meeting with nature and attracts hunting process, sports, cognitive and aesthetic side of hunting.

In modern conditions hunting trophies are not only skin, but also the horns, teeth, animal skull. Exhibits made with hunting trophies are themselves works of applied art. Hunting trophies are the memory of the adventures in hunting wanderings. Proper classification and presentation of trophies are scientific interest. Development of horns and fangs serves as an indicator of animal health; it belongs to a particular species. Collection of such hunting trophies collected over several years help to analyze the state of the animal population, and also the level of hunting

Aesthetics of trophy hunting was laid in ancient times, when man and beast were real contenders in the fight for survival. In this duel, "prisoners" is not assumed. The goal of any primitive hunting is full utilization of production. Do not think that the current trophy hunting is cruel destruction of defenseless animals. Trophy hunting has regulated by the state, and the process is carried out under the full control of issued licenses

The exhibition of hunting trophies "SAFARI" will acquaint the viewer with a unique collection of African animals caught by the hunter in result of many years of expeditions to the continent.

Active explore of Africa by Europeans began relatively recently, some 200-300 years ago. In the middle of the XIX century on the map of Africa, there were a large number of white spots. Each new expedition to the Dark Continent was fraught with danger, and almost inevitable death. There are cases when a group of 500-600 people from which only 10% of travelers reached to the ultimate goal. This low percentage was due not only clashes with local tribes and mortality from incurable diseases, but also to the fact that traveler was prey of the African predators. "Hunter to lions of man-eating" – In the first third of the XX century in many parts of Africa has, in practice, the official profession. The centuries-old confrontation between the man beasts where "Last word" often had the beast

The situation of hunting – or rather, with the destruction of the animals on the African continent, has changed with the introduction into circulation of automatic weapons. All remember of history, when for the sake of tusks were killed hundreds and thousands of elephants. But these cases have nothing to do with the trophy hunting it is example of genocide against certain animal species. These barbaric species "cleansing" caused irreparable damage not only to the wildlife of Africa, but also the image of the trophy hunting worldwide.

One of the main objectives of this exhibition is to promote to the correct (trophy) hunt, trophy case and the public education in the management of hunting resources. Hunting is impossible to just close. It was for a long time and is an integral part of the everyday culture of many peoples inhabiting the Earth. The role of hunters in the regulation of animal populations and preservation of endangered species is obvious. Today hunting and fishing are developing like exclusively trophy hunting, where are in a contest of man and beast.

The most exciting and challenging at the same time is a hunting trophy on the African continent. Against the hunter is "working" all – time differences, climate, swarms of insects, lack of sufficient potable water, and long passages under the scorching sun in search of animal tracks. This is a small part of what is waiting for the hunter in Africa. Very dangerous, get in the zone of inter-ethnic conflict, or meet with a gang of poachers! However enthusiastic hunters can hardly something to stop to achieve their goals.

The exposition of African trophies "SAFARI" includes exhibits from 10 countries – Cameroon, Uganda, Cara, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Zambia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Namibia. The uniqueness of this exhibition is in the fact that virtually all the animals on it are endemic. Often their natural habitat does not exceed 100 square kilometers. Especially interesting when you can compare of animals of one group but of different natural zones. Ridbok Uganda is not Ridboka from Cameroon, and Nile buffalo is not a mirror image of Cape buffalo. Technological progress is going very fast and does 3D modeling and laser projection, but nothing can replace the real contact with the artifact.

The exhibited artifacts are made at the highest level taxidermy by the best Russian masters. Also on display are items of everyday life and the cult of the African tribes. A natural complement is exposure steel photographs taken in different regions of Africa.

Today in Russia exhibitions of African trophies are not available for public viewing.  Residents of Perm have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with rare African animal trophies presented in all possible forms of presentation. The presented exhibition is a dynamic and planned to be replenished with new exhibits.