Open the opportunity to see the world
of enthusiastic people.
Gallery private collections "UNIQUE"

Always in the life collector day comes when he becomes closely within their own space, and he is ready to present to a wide range of interested spectators, the world of his hobbies, searches and finds.That show diverse collections is the basic principle of the gallery "Unique".

The concepts of "collection" and "collection" are more than 2,000 years. For the first time in the literature, the term is found in the speech of Cicero, dated 66 year BC. In Dahl's dictionary gives the following interpretation of this phenomenon - "collection - it is put together objects, things, uniform or something remarkable."

We understand that is systematization of collecting certain items of spiritual or material nature, artistic, cognitive or scientific importance and belonging to a specific owner, organization or state.

Famous and ordinary people are collectors. Chekhov collected stamps, Cicero collected manuscripts and works of art, Otto von Bismarck collected thermometers. Collecting has many opportunities. For example, it can be a way of knowledge of the world: on the coins can study history and politics, as hunting trophies - especially the fauna of different parts of the world, on instruments and mechanisms - the history of science, and on the works of fine art all of the above.

Today the process of collecting can be interpreted as a modern, adapted archetype of the hunter. Hunting, as a means of food production, providing our lives, firmly entrenched in our subconscious and collecting - is one of the modern forms of its manifestation. The search for new and unique instance and the joy of owning them is  hunting in its classic sense. Probably, therefore absolutely logical is the fact that one of the collections, which are exhibited in the gallery "Unique" on a regular basis - a collection of hunting trophies from Africa - "Safari".

The second exhibition hall of the gallery is to show private collections of fine art. Paintings and drawings, sculpture and porcelain, glass and tapestries, photography and art objects - all this can be seen at the exhibition in the gallery of Private Collections "Unicue".

Gallery "Unicue" allows the audience to see the world enthusiastic people, and collectors to disclose their treasures to the general public!